Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How do you see over that Creativity Hump?

I love making so many different things that sometimes I get STUCK! I bet most of you know what that is like. I bounce from stamping to cardmaking to altering to jewelry making...often wandering around trying to figure out what to make...

So, how do you get over that hump?

I am sure there are somethings you have already thought about:

Magazines - There are an abundance of Crafting Magazines available for about every genre of the creative world. But what about the rest of the wall of magazines at your local store? Use those too! Ads can be a great source of inspiration...the patterns, color combos, even the over all feel of a page.

Internet - Not so long ago, who knew just how expansive the internet would become and just how dependant we would become on it. There are millions of ideas on blogs, websites, forums, social media tools, etc. and thousands more created every day. All the crafters I have come in contact with are eager to share ideas and tips. It is the most amazing group of people!

Your Own Creations - I have several drawers of items I have personally created or made in classes...Do you have a "stash" like this? Spend some time and go through these...see what sparks your mind!

Walk Around Your Local Craft Store - There are a number of "chain" craft stores you can go to (i.e. Archivers, Michael's, Hobby Lobby), as well as, local stores. Their websites usually have many ideas...check them out.

A few ideas that might be new:

Expand Your Mind: Take A Class - Your local craft store usually has a number of classes in a variety of different creative endeavors. Try something new! The local community college has classes from ballroom dancing to learning a new language. What about your local grocery store? We have a store called Whole Foods that has a number of cooking classes...the colors and smells might spur a creative thought or two...

Doodle - Do you doodle? Do you scratch out ideas for your projects? Great...but this is what I am going to call - Free Doodling. Simply pick up your favorite marker, a piece of paper, and start doodling. It doesn't matter what you draw, just allow the creative ideas to flow into your mind. You never know, maybe your doodle will end up being a decoration or focal point on your next project!

Clean Your Craft Room - Did I actually say C-L-E-A-N? Turn on you favorite "peppy" music and start sorting, cleaning, organizing. You will be amazed at what you find that has been stored away. I bet you will find new uses for old tools and supplies. Plus, you will feel better when everything is in-it's-place and ready to go!

Photography Field Trip - I found this wonderful article about utilizing a variety of photography "field trips" to start your juices flowing:

7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart your Creativity

Once those juices are flowing...take your pictures and make a chipboard book, a framed collage of the pictures for your craft room, a scrapbook or what ever you heart desires.

A Simple Touch - Add a creative touch to your home or office. If you are on a tight budget, you don't even need to buy anything, just going to the store and looking at all the decorating "bling" will get some ideas going.

Play - Play with things you love to add some fun and whimsy to your life. Take you dog for a walk and look to nature for inspiration. Sit in the park and watch people. Play on a jungle-gym.

Read - Reading is a great way to open your mind and let ideas in! Some of my favorite thought stimulating books are:

Fast Food ~ Joost Elffers (Author), Saxton Freymann
Sark's New Creative Companion: Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit ~ Sark

I would love to hear about your JUMP-START Techniques! I would also love to see something you have made after getting STUCK or using any of these ideas...as Nike says..."Just Do it!".

Happy Day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In honor of Y-O-U...

"The sky is home to the birds and the bees,
Flying high above the trees.
The sea is home to the fish and the whales,
Splishing and splashing their tails.
The land is home to the deer and the bears,
Walking and running here and there.
The earth is home to you and me,
We are one big family."
~Nicole Willis

To all my friends and family...a smile just for you!


Friday, April 2, 2010

I am back!!!

Hi all -

If you are checking back...I am finally here! Things have been challenging in my world, but I have returned to jewelry making and blogging.

I am trying to branch out and have been trying some different things with necklaces. The one I am sharing with you today, I call Urban Safari. I think this is fresh and crisp. Tell me what you think!

Thanks for stopping by!