Sunday, October 26, 2008

DAY FIVE: Holiday Shopping with Teaman

Come on in everyone!

NOW is the perfect time to get started on your holiday shopping....

There are many fabulous Etsians out there and this week I am featuring just a few of my favorites. Some are well established and some are brand new. I encourage you to go to each of these shops and SHOP...SHOP...SHOP...


DAY 5 - Teaman - your source for gourmet teabags and loose tea

"Invite someone dangerous to tea:
Allow the outrageous!
Tea time is the caffeine version of nap time.
Fling yourself into story telling and tea sipping.
Reveal your best dangerous self.
There are no rules!
Wear hats and gloves, and tell your most fabulous stories;
invite someone you've always wanted to meet!
Be an adventure'

Original Author: SARK

From Teaman's shop..."I have been custom blending tea since 1994 and I am quite confident you will love my items. My tea is bagged with the highest quality tea paper providing great flow through ability yet prohibits product dispersion keeping its contents intact. Whether it is Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan, Chinese, Indian or Japanese, my teas are always fresh and are of the highest quality. Hand blended with real fruit, spices, roots, or beans then enhanced by adding flavor flakes. A fairly unique process which sets my teas apart..."

Winter is the perfect time to have hot tea! Though...I drink tea all year around, both hot & cold. There are so many flavors that your pallete will never be bored! Teaman has so many wonderful options for you.

Tea makes the perfect hostess gift; something special for your mailman who is out in the wintery weather and could use a good warming up; a great gift for your hairdresser; I could go on and on...

Go look...go buy :D


Piggy said...

I know teaman.. frequent Etsian at the Promotion forums! Thanks for the great review! I think I will check out his items this holiday season :)

Giftbearer said...

I love the picture in your sidebar of the cat with the rubik's cube, LOL.

Plaidfuzz said...

I got all excited and thought that was alcohol, lol.

Devin said...

His tea looks awesome:0) going o check out his shop know.Thanks for the review:0)

TheresaJ said...

Invite someone dangerous to tea... and the rest... I love it. Sounds like a fun shop!