Thursday, October 23, 2008

DAY FOUR - Holiday Shopping with CrankyCats

Come on in everyone!

NOW is the perfect time to get started on your holiday shopping....

There are many fabulous Etsians out there and this week I am featuring just a few of my favorites. Some are well established and some are brand new. I encourage you to go to each of these shops and SHOP...SHOP...SHOP...


DAY 4 - CrankyCats - otherwise know as Indigo Art

Cute (a.) Clever; sharp; shrewd; ingenious; cunning.

From CrankyCats's shop..."Thanks for visiting my little shop of mostly kitties. This is how it works: I paint stuff and have some of the paintings scanned so I can make prints. I sell originals on another e-site and at art shows in the Northeastern US. What a life!!"

The website is:

I bet you can tell I am a cat lover by my avatar. Those wonderful furballs just warm my heart. When I came across CrankyCats shop, I just melted. Her paintings/prints of these cats are just adorable!

I hope that this print - 2CRANKY CATS IN SNOW STORM - finds a good home for the holidays. But shop around. If you know a cat lover....any of her prints would be the perfect gift!

Go look...go buy :D


Klo Designs said...

Love those cats! They look like mine do when they venture into the snow.

TinkerWare said...

Love these cats, going to go check out her shop now.

Jan said...

What adorable cats! I'll be checking out this shop, for sure.